Think about it 
United Nation Global Creative Call Out submission 

My role: Idea/script/editing

Coffee? Milk?

When the United Nations sent out a call to all creatives worldwide, asking for help to stop the spread of Covid-19, I first thougt I didn’t had the time to contribute, even though I really like this kind of challenges.

Then my brain started to think about it!

I wrote down some ideas, but didn’t really nailed it. Then suddenly the pieces fell into place and on Easter Monday I sent away a script for recording to the voice over. Then I started editing. Less than a day later I sent in my submission.

This little short video will not solve all the problems we are facing right now, but I’m sure that small efforts can make a big difference, and this became to be my contribution to the mission. Now it’s up to the jury to choose their favorites.

Think about it. What do you think?